Big Boar Tactical is made up of several active trainers and range officers in the Dallas area. The principal instructor at Big Boar is Tate Banhart. With a military career and 15 years of professional executive armed bodyguard service behind him, certifications to train across a wide range of courses, and considerable experience as a firearms trainer throughout Texas, Tate brings an enormous wealth of experience to Big Boar Tactical and sets it apart as one of the finest handgun and rifle training programs available.

If you want to train under the real deal, and if you want to see your skills improve dramatically, then Big Boar is the place for you.

In the end, everyone here at Big Boar Tactical is dedicated to making sure you get better at shooting in a wide variety of environments and circumstances. And we are equally dedicated to making sure you have a lot of FUN doing it!

You are going to love the days you spend at Big Boar Tactical. Email us at

Meet the Core Staff at Big Boar Tactical







Tate Banhart

Lead Instructor

- Certified NRA Instructor
- Texas CHL Instructor
- Lifetime NRA Member
- 12 years Executive Protection Specialist
- US Navy Diver / Survival Specialist
- Private sector combat experience (overseas)
- OC Baton and Handcuff Certified
- Anti-Terrorist Training Expert

Robert Burke







Robert Burke

Resident Gunsmith

- Graduate of Penn Foster University for Gunsmithing
- Factory-certified armorer (eg, Sig, Glock, Springfield)
- Full-Serviced FFL Licensed Outfitter
- Member of the American Pistolsmiths Guild
- 1911 expert
- Avid IDPA / USPSA Competitive Shooter and Active Member
- Active NRA Member