Basic Handgun Safety & Handling

Are you new to shooting? Start here with your “Handgun 101” course.

Our Basic Handgun Safety & Handling course at Big Boar Tactical is designed for new shooters who either just purchased a gun or are thinking of getting one.

This is 1-hour group session (10 students per class max.) that focuses solely on proper gun handling and safety.

Here are the key points of what will be covered in this beginner level handgun class:

*Handling (when your ready to fire and when at rest)

*Storage (in your home, in your car, )



*Firing (targets are supplied by range at no extra charge)

*SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY (for yourself and those around you)

This is the “MUST HAVE” training that you need when you just starting out, or have reservations about being around guns in general. Real knowledge about how to handle and operate firearms safely is the most important thing you can ever arm yourself with. COMPETENCE INSPIRES CONFIDENCE!

After this class you may want to take your skills to an even higher level with our full-on Defensive Handgun Course, where you will learn more advanced skills like draw-and-shoot, move-and-shoot, cover-and-concealment, etc.

But first things first.

Let’s get the basics down and get you handling your gun safely and with real confidence.

Tactical Combat Handgun

This class is perfect for:

  • * New gun owners
  • * New shooters
  • * Anyone new to carrying a CHL
  • * Out of practice shooters
  • * Anyone still uncomfortable handling or even being around a firearm

Your price for this valuable 1-hour training session? Only $100!

Money well spent because, well, you really can’t put a price on safety.

You will need to bring your handgun, holster (not required if you don’t have one) and 50 rounds of ammo for this class.

We encourage you to bring your own, but If you need to rent a handgun and ammo then just let us know beforehand. Standard price for 1-hour rental + 50-rounds of ammo is $50. Supply is limited and not guaranteed. Price for rental is subject to change due to the fluctuation of ammunition market price.

Just give us a call today at 972-787-9978 or CLICK HERE to request more information on our Beginner Handgun Safety and Handling Course and upcoming class dates & times..

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