Refunds and Guarantee of Satisfaction


If for any reason you pay for a course, and, whether you attend or do not attend, decide it’s just not for you . . . we will give you an immediate refund in full.


We build our business on the basis of creating extremely happy clients. If you sign up but then can’t make it, or even if you do make it and just decide it wasn’t to your liking, we will do everything we can to make it right or, if you prefer, just plain give you a refund right away.


Real simple. We want you happy. And we will work to do our very best to make that happen. But if you ask for a refund, we will give it to you. No fuss, and no hard feelings.

A Few Words on Risk and Liability


Let’s just put it out in the open. If you shoot someone, it’s your own darn fault. It’s certainly not our fault. And it has nothing to do with what you did or didn’t learn at Big Boar Tactical.


All of our course attendees are required to sign a full liability waiver and go on film stating that if they get hurt (either on our range or off of it) it has nothing to do with Big Boar Tactical or its trainers or its staff.


Our purpose is to train you to handle various firearms safely and effectively. We make no guarantees to how good you will actually become (that’s up to you, and up to how much you practice). And we certainly disavow ourselves of any illegal activity you might ever engage in or otherwise get caught up in if you choose to break the law.


Again, that has nothing to do with us.


If you do something stupid with your gun, or if you hurt yourself or anyone else in any way, it is on YOU, and we state here unequivocally that we will have had nothing to do with it. Zip. Nada. Zilch.


Your gun is your own responsibility. And you are ultimately responsible for anything you do or anything that might ever happen to you.


If you are not okay with this, we would prefer you took your business elsewhere.

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