Privacy Policy

Any information you give to Big Boar Tactical will be kept private and confidential within the reasonable limits of our technology and safeguards.


In other words, we will no doubt need to collect your name, phone number, email address, etc., in setting you up in one of our courses. And we won’t share this information with ANYONE. However … if a crack team of Russian former-KGB cyber-hackers decides to infiltrate our computers … Well, you just might find yourself receiving subscription requests from Moscow Monthly.


But within reason, your information is safe with us. We keep everything secure, we use passwords on all of our computers, and again, we will never sell or share your information with any person or company.


As a course attendee, you will be given the opportunity of setting up a personal web page on our site, which will record the courses you took and your various shooting stats. You will be giving the opportunity of using your real name OR a made-up name on this page. You will also be asked to sign off on any photos or videos before we post them. So … want to be known by your real name and share your cool photos, videos, and stats with your friends on Facebook? No problem! But if instead you want to be known as Silvester Rhinegold X and have the only photo posted that of your extraordinary 2-inch shot group you blasted out during the most recent Draw Diamond Multi-5 competition — we are okay with that too.


In the end, we promise to keep your information safe. Anything that could even potentially make its way onto your web page will have to be approved by you before we post it. Including whatever name you would like to go by on our stats charts.

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