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“Class today was absolutely unbelievable!! It was serious stuff, but also big fun. I learned a ton of stuff that increased not just my shooting ability, but my overall confidence and comfort in gun handling. It was a fantastic class.

— G.E. Johnson (Dallas, TX)

“Owning a gun isn’t the same as knowing how to REALLY use it (or feeling supremely CONFIDENT in using it). That was what I went to Big Boar Tactical for in North Dallas: to become skilled and confident in the use of my handgun. The concealed handgun course and certification were a breeze. What I wanted, though, was the skill to carry my handgun knowing that if ever the time came that I would have to use it, I’d act without hesitation and hit whatever I was aiming at — even on on the move, and even in the most stressful situation. What really stood out to me was how thorough the training was. Absolutely more high-speed than any firearms training I received in my five years in the US Army.”

— E. Peters (Richardson, TX)

“That was the most exhilarating 380 rounds of ammo I’ve ever shot off in one morning. I have never felt this comfortable with my .45. It was incredible going through the drills, growing calmer and calmer as the morning progressed, seeing my precision go through the roof. Absolutely amazing training.”

— S. Michaels (Kalamazoo, MI)

“Thanks for putting on such a great class yesterday. You kept us engaged, and pushed us ahead through the edges of our comfort level, keeping us on our toes. We never felt like you were trying to get too advanced, or wasting our time on information we didn’t need. You did an excellent job of determining our skills and weaknesses, and designing the training accordingly.”

— B. Parsons (Dallas, TX)

“Finally some real shooting! I don’t know how I’m not going to keep going back for their Stay-Sharp sessions every week. Had the best time ever. I actually surprised myself with how good I was during some of the move-and-shoot exercises. Also got my draw down to 1.44 seconds, hitting center mass every time. I’m betting I can get it down below a second with some practice. Learning to shoot one-handed (and off-hand, simulating a wounded strong hand) had me talking about it for days. I’ve already got three friends (all of them cops) wanting to fly to Texas to go out there with me for another course.”

— M. Fischer (Asheville, NC)

“I was doing fine at the indoor range, plunking away at paper targets sitting right in front of me, where I could take my time and nothing was moving … But boy, that gets boring! And where’s the challenge? I went out to Big Boar to get a taste of what real shooting was like. (Short answer: a total rush!) At first I was frustrated because I couldn’t seem to control my shooting. I had never drawn from the holster to shoot, much less had the added stress of being on a timer. I had never shot at multiple targets (“shooting steel” is also a rush!) and I certainly had never shot multiple targets while moving through a series of obstacles. It was incredible. And when the trainer began correcting my form and technique, my accuracy returned and I started to feel like a real gunslinger. Most fun I’ve had in years!”

— A. Knelson (Dallas, TX)

“WOW and WOW backwards!! Tate is the ultimate professional with the skills and experience to make you a top-notch marksman (or markswoman!) Tactical handgun training in real-life scenarios was absolutely liberating! No longer was I just shooting at paper targets. Everything we did had meaning, significance, and relevance. We were now working together on my speed, holstering my weapon, and the technique of changing out my mags quickly and blindly. Tate’s instruction was easy to follow, as well as a confidence-builder. Tate is an instructor who gets it! If you are a woman, know this… Tate takes the time to build your confidence, build on your strengths, improve upon your weaknesses and eliminate them quickly, and encourages you to success by empowering you all along the way! You will walk away feeling like you can accomplish anything because when you know that you can take care of yourself, well… the rest just follows. Prepare to have your mindset blown away! Thanks Tate!!! I look forward to our next class!”

— E. Warfield (Highland Park, TX)

“I can’t say enough good things about Tate. My overall satisfaction level was 9 out of 10 (when you add that shoot-house, I’ll bump it to 10 out of 10!), with my satisfaction of the instructor being 10 out of 10 for sure. Everything exceeded my expectations, and I plan on booking some additional sessions in the near future.”

— K. Draper (Dallas, TX)

“The training with Big Boar Tactical was great. Everybody at work is
getting tired of hearing me talk about it. Tate was a great guy and a
great teacher, advising and correcting as necessary, and really
pushing me through the full four hours. I was especially excited
seeing how I was able to get down to a 1.95-second double tap on
single target and right at 4 seconds on two targets. I talked to my
son and we both want to go through the basic class again, and then for
sure I will want to do the more advanced class. I can’t wait!”

— C. Wells (Dallas, TX)

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Bru Bruneau


Four of us went shooting this morning; our first time at, August 13, 2022 and had a wonderful experience! A staff member gave my 11-year-old daughter some pointers I had never seen before, and I’ve been shooting for well over 30-years! ALL of us want to come back for a course! Relaxed, professional, AND safe. Good times were had by all!

Michael Winders


I was a heavy weapons expert In the USAFs every 3 months I tended recurrent training. I was cooky and very sharp at shooting big weapons and a Baretta 9mm.

I spent the next 30 years doing nothing.

I come in with yes Sir/Mama, and humbled myself (AS I SHOULD).

I learned a ton!!!!

He saw my bad tendencies and showed me the corrections. I’ll go back so they can see my weaknesses.

In 10 minutes, they corrected 90% of my weakness.

My wife and I will be members, you can’t go back and re-learn once you’re dead!!!

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