Course Pricing

Course Pricing at Big Boar Tactical:


PRICING FOR ALL TRAINING IS BASED on the length of class you choose, not the course title.  Training is One on One unless you bring a friend or otherwise stated.

WE offer Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle Courses:

Pricing:  $100.00 per hour (please go to Custom Range Fees for payment) 


MEMBERSHIPS:  $70.00 PER MONTH (Family and friends $20.00  per visit) *** For a Limited time, our Current Promotion waives the $100.00 enrollment fee, normally $100.00.*** 

Membership includes 50% off all training, access to our Tactical Training Bay as well as all other shooting areas and archery range,  $25.00 scope mounts, $25.00 rifle sight in, kids under 17 years of age shoot free, and $20.00 per visit to bring a friend.


* Discounts (Cumulative):
Bring-a-Buddy / Bring-Your-Spouse: $25 off each person
Sign up for two classes at once: $25 off each class


Stay-Sharp Range Sessions to Improve Your Skills:
Draw-and-Shoot with Multiple Targets. Move-and-Shoot with Cover Tactics


If you sign up for training with us, and after the first hour you decide the class isn’t what you expected, we will gladly refund your class fee.


All Training Classes and Range Time are By Appointment Only and must be scheduled in advance.  Please call 972-787-9978  more info and to set up a time.


We look forward to meeting you and helping you take your shooting to a whole new level!


Sign Up For a Class Using CUSTOM RANGE FEES under Pricing.


$35 Range Fee (for 2 hours or less)


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