Course Pricing

Course Pricing at Big Boar Tactical:



Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Handgun Courses:


1-hour basic safety course $100
2-hour course $150
3-hour course $200
4-hour course $250


Payment Options & The Big Boar Guarantee:
First off, if you sign up for a course with Big Boar and after the first hour decide that this just isn’t for you, you can simply step out, and you will receive a 100% immediate refund. No hard feelings. No worries. We are supremely confident, however, that you will love the Big Boar training and will be having the time of your life. So we expect you will stick around!


Now, most of the Big Boar firearms training courses can be built into 2, 3, or 4-hour blocks, depending on how much you want to learn and drill. We recommend 3 or 4 hour classes, unless you really only want to work on one or two aspects of the course.  If you want to plan an all day class, please let us know so that we can accommodate you.


* Discounts (Cumulative):
Bring-a-Buddy / Bring-Your-Spouse: $25 off each person
Sign up for two classes at once: $25 off each class


Stay-Sharp Range Sessions to Improve Your Skills:
Draw-and-Shoot with Multiple Targets. Move-and-Shoot with Cover Tactics

Range time must be made in advance and by appointment only. Please call 972-787-9978 or email us at for more info and to set up a time.



Private Training:
Private Handgun or Rifle Training $100/hr



So go ahead and give us a call at 972-787-9978 or CLICK HERE to fill out our short inquiry form to get started. Let us know what courses you are most interested in and what month would work best for you.


We look forward to meeting you and helping you take your shooting to a whole new level!


Sign Up For a Class Using One of the Links Below:


Basic 1-Hour Safety & Handling Course ($100)



2-Hour Class ($150):



3-Hour Course ($200):

Please go to  CUSTOM RANGE FEES to make your payment.



4-Hour Course ($250):


Need to pay your RANGE FEE?

$60 Range Fee (2-4 hours)


$35 Range Fee (for 2 hours or less)


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