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Please email us at or give us a call at 972-787-9978.

Looking forward to spending time with you out at the range!

Shooting at the range is By Appointment Only. Please call by 5 PM the day before you want to shoot to make an appointment.


Our Address:
27812 FM 902
Collinsville, 76233.

Look For Our Flag & Gate!



Sign Up For a Class Using One of the Links Below:


CHL Class ($100):


Basic 2-Hour Class ($150):


Half-Day 4-Hour Course ($250):


Full-Day 8-Hour Course ($500):




Or click here to see our locations.


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charles graham


Please keep me updated with your range info. I am in Denison, Jason at Red Rock Guns said you might have a place for me to shoot my rifles. Thanks, Charles



Hello Charles. we would love to have you come out to our range and as of right now we have a 100 yard and a 300 yard range. Please call the day ahead of time to let us know you are cooming out and what time you’d like to come.


cell 530-306-2180 BBT # 972-787-9978



Hi, A friend of mine and I would like to come out for your Defensive handgun 4 hour course on April 15th (Sunday) and sign up for your tactical rifle course to be taken at a later date.

Can you please answer the following:
1) Do we get the ‘buddy’ discount and ‘multiple course’ discount listed on your website? We both sign up for both courses at $800 total?
2) Can you run our first course on the 15th of April?
3) Do we need OWB holsters? We both have IWB holsters…can we use these if we want?
4) Do you have any info on the instructor? Is he/she prior Military/LEO? What training have they had, etc?



Hi Brandon, April 15th is open from 9am to 1pm If that works for you. Our instructor, Tate Banhart, was in the Navy and did work abroad and has an NRA training license AND was a personal bodyguard and is now a policeman. Yes, you can use your IWB, but it’s FUN to have the OWB and do some quickdraw drills as well if you have em, bring em…….Where are you driving up from? My contact info is below and I WILl be in touch more shortly.Also, could you use MY email address (below ) as this admin one gets LOST for a few days at a time for some reason and I don’t see them right away….THX


cell 530-306-2180

BBT # 978-787-9978

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