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We are by appointment only.  Please call, text or email me by 5:00pm the day BEFORE you want to come out.    Email us at or give us a call at 972-787-9978.


Thank you for contacting US. Our availability is whenever you’d like to schedule a class as we don’t have set times, days and hours. You are one on one with your trainer so it can be a mutually agreeable date. You can schedule on weekends OR during the week, whatever is most convenient for YOU. You just let me know how soon you’d like to start your training and we’ll start looking at dates n times on our calendar.

Our prices are $150 for the 2 hr, $200 for the 3 hr, and $250 for the 4 hr. We price by the hour, NOT what you will be learning and we can customize any class that you take with us, for example, If you want to do a 4 hr but break it up into half pistol and half rifle,. or a 3 hr and the first 1 1/2 in defensive pistol and the second half tactical etc. Your trainer will ask you what you’d like to learn and concentrate on and not teach you something you are all ready proficient at.

And we do anything from novice beginner to tactical , defensive, combat etc. We do not rent guns or provide ammo. You’ll need to bring your own. We are 30 acres ALL outdoors and you will be shooting 95% of the time so you will need LOTS of ammo. And ammo is hard to come by nowadays so you need to be prepared for that also. No sit down class time in a room here. We do run n shoot , draw from the holster full auto and real-world scenarios. Our trainers are HIGHLY qualified and very flexible as to what you may like to do and learn. 2 of them are policemen, ex military, NRA certified and extensive and continual weapons training. As example for the disc, If you buy 2 classes UP FRONT, we will take $25 off of each. You can bring a buddy if YOU wish to, or 3 or 4 or more and make it a team day and fun, and the discount would also apply to them. The more you train the more the discount.

 Range fees are $25 PER person for the 1st 2 hours and $40 after that for the day range fee.

Please feel free to call,  text or email me at the contact info above as I am happy to help in any way I can at any time.

Looking forward to spending time with you out at the range!


Our Address:
27812 FM 902
Collinsville, 76233.

Look For Our Flag & Gate!



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LTC Class ($50):

Please call Paul Maniscalco at 940-284-6260 to schedule your class.


Basic 2-Hour Class ($150):


Basic 3-Hour Class ($200):


Half-Day 4-Hour Course ($250):




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