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Welcome to Big Boar Tactical’s premier 30 acre outdoor tactical training facility with a large pistol area and many steel targets and paper target stands! We are a family friendly pistol and rifle facility north of 380 just outside the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer 120 degree targeted pistol range for tactical training, a transition range for assault rifles and pistols along with a rifle range out to 300 yards. You can take our beginner to advanced classes or just join the team and practice as often as you like.

Experience the finest handgun training in Texas, and virtually the only tactical shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle training to be found anywhere near Dallas.

Big Boar Tactical is now offering a broad range of firearms courses. If you would like to learn how to handle a gun in the real world, or if you would like to hone your skills and take your shooting to the next level, be sure to fill out our contact form requesting information on any of our courses below.

We are a private facility and open to the public by appointment only. You have to call, email, text , me the day BEFORE by 5pm that you’d like to come out. Range fees are $25 PER person for the 1st 2 hours and $40 after that for the day range fee.

We are 30 acres ALL outdoors with a large pistol area and many steel targets and paper target stands. We provide water with your range fee and you are most welcome to bring any of your own targets you’d like to. We don’t allow color tipped ammo, tracer rounds, or armor piercing ammo, but all other is ok. We have 2 electric clay bird throwers and an area for that. We have several AREAS including a 100 yard spot, a 40 yd rifle area and a 100 and 300 yard area. You can draw from the holster, and run and draw (when safe of course). We do NOT supply ammo or sell it or rent out guns.

Beginner Gun Courses Taught by Big Boar

It doesn’t hurt to learn the basics. Regardless of your shooting experience, the handgun safety course teaches the core fundamentals of handgun safety so that you can visit the range with confidence and with safety in mind. Learn how to properly handle, transport, and store your handgun, as well as how to keep children safe around handguns.

Click Here: Basic Handgun Safety & Handling

Intro To Handgun Defense

This course fits in perfectly with our Concealed Handgun Course (CHL) in Dallas, TX. In it you will learn the most important real-world skills at safely and confidently carrying and firing a handgun.

Click Here: Intro To Handgun Defense

Defensive Handgun For Women

This course is designed to make you truly comfortable with your handgun by improving your defensive firearm skills to the point where carrying and handling a gun seems second-nature. Go through this course and you will never again wonder who will win the battle if you are involved in a lethal force attack.

Click Here: Defensive Handgun For Women

Defensive Handgun For Realtors

In the United States, violence against REALTORS is on the rise. Why wouldn’t it be? Criminals have figured out that real estate agents are easy prey. Find out WHY — and more importantly, HOW to protect yourself in your profession.

Click Here: Defensive Handgun For Realtors

Intermediate & Advanced Courses Taught by Big Boar Tactical

Defensive Handgun

In the real world, you need to know how to carry properly (covered in our Concealed Handgun Class for residents of Dallas and Fort Worth, TX), but you also need to know how to handle shooting your gun in a wide variety of situations, under a broad range of conditions.

Click Here: Defensive Handgun

Tactical Combat Handgun

This course takes our Defensive Handgun Course and moves you to the point of being a true professional, capable of handling yourself in any shooting situation. This tactical-combat handgun course will transform your handgun skills in every way.

Click Here: Tactical Combat Handgun

Tactical Assault Rifle

This course will complete your introduction to the techniques and skills used top-level professionals use to ensure they come home to their families every day. The academic portion of this course includes safety and tactics. At the tactical training facility and we will work through manipulation while incapacitated, transitions and finish the day with drills specifically designed to enhance your speed.

Click Here: Tactical Assault Rifle


Learn to use a shotgun for home defense or in tactical combination with a handgun. Big Boar Tactical is now offering exciting shotgun courses covering a full range of applications and uses of multiple varieties of shotgun.


Long-Range Rifle (with 300-Yard Tactical Training Facility)

This course covers the techniques required to achieve first round hits out to 300 yards and beyond under a variety of conditions, circumstances and distances. Range estimation, scope adjustment and zeroing, minute of angle theory, external ballistics and weather effects are just a few of the topics that are covered.

Click Here: Long-Range Rifle

Our goal is to provide our clients with specialized training by experienced prior military and law enforcement professionals. We also instruct our clients to survive common and maybe not so common dynamic critical incidents by using your individual available assets with a mind set for survival.

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