Courses Available

Take Your Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun Skills To The Next Level.


 Courses Available At BIG BOAR:


*Intro To Handgun

*Defensive Handgun for Women

*Defensive/Tactical Handgun

*Holster 101

*Assault Rifle/Close Quarter Carbine


*Long Range Rifle (300 yds.)

*LTC Classroom and Qualification (contact Paul Maniscalco)



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1 Comment for “Courses Available”

Joe Sippl


I have been shooting for a long time. I used to shoot twice a week but haven’t been able to keep up with that in about 14 years, so some of my skills are not what they once were. Tate worked with me the other day and taught me things I have never heard from anyone ever!!! I have shot with competition shooters and some of the small changes and ideas Tate brought to me, kind of blew my mind. Some things I have been doing and teaching others to do, although not wrong, but I could have improved on. If you are looking for training and a great atmosphere to shoot, I highly recommend Big Bore and Tate’s classes. Stay safe folks!!

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