Assault Rifle /Close Quarter Carbine

Assault Rifle /Close Quarter Carbine



Close Quarter Carbine/Handgun Course

This course covers how to use your rifle to fight in close quarter scenarios and out to 25 yards.  You will learn the proper technique in grip, stance, sight picture, trigger control, combat and tactical reloads and how to clear malfunctions.

We will also cover height over bore offsets, point shooting, target transitions and quick target acquisition.  This course will introduce you to the difference between cover and concealment and will show you various shooting positions…standing, kneeling, prone and from behind barriers.

We will mainly focus on carbine technique but will also teach you to transition from rifle to pistol.

This course can be 2, 3 or 4 hours with most of your time spent on the range.

Rifle: You will need a sling, 2-3 rifle magazines, 250-300 rounds.  Pistol: You will need a handgun and holster, 1-2 magazines, 50 rounds.  Feel free to self regulate your ammo!

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