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Get Your License to Carry (LTC) in Dallas-and Make it Count

CHL Training in Dallas TX

Top Real-World LTC Training in Dallas!

There are any number of places you can get a concealed handgun permit in Dallas and Fort Worth. But there are not many that can make sure you carry not only legally but with true confidence, prepared for real-world scenarios.

Here at Big Boar Tactical we can take you through your entire concealed-carry (LTC) training, all while ensuring that you are learning the true ins and outs of actually carrying your handgun safely and effectively. This isn’t a class filled with a bunch of theory that doesn’t apply to the real world and your real life.

* If you are going to have a gun in your Dallas home for home-defense,

* If you are going to carry a gun with you in your vehicle,

* If you are going to have a handgun on you personally …

Then you need this class. Not only for the license, but for the training you will receive while learning everything you need to know in order to ace your LTC test.

And your entire cost for this training? Only $65.00 and you not only have your license to carry, you will know how to carry your handgun in Texas safely and with absolute confidence.  If you have already taken the classroom portion and just need to do your shooting qualifications the cost is $25.00.



Texas License to Carry  (LTC) classes are held often at our range in Collinsville, TX


Got Questions?

We put together a helpful page covering the most common questions folks have about getting their LTC in Texas. You can jump over to that page by clicking here.

Fill out our short inquiry form below to request our upcoming class schedule or give us a call today at 972-787-9978 to choose a date that works best for you.

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LTC Class ($65.00):


Don’t put this off. Get your Texas License to Carry and begin carrying your handgun in Dallas – Fort Worth (and throughout Texas and across most States) … capably and with true confidence.

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