Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Where Are Your Courses Held?


A: We run the CHL classes near our shooting range near Aubrey, and at the Smith Financial office in Forney. The CHL shooting test is generally held the same day at either our main training range near Aubrey, or at our South Range down I-175 near Belt Line for Forney CHL classes.


All of our Handgun, AR & Shotgun training classes are held at our private outdoor shooting & training range located on FM 2931, just north of 380 near Aubrey, TX (between Denton and McKinney). When it comes time for your class we will make sure you have a map and instructions on getting there!



Q:What All Is Included In Your CHL Class?


A:The CHL class includes the mandatory 4-6 hours of classroom instruction, a written test, and your 50-round shooting proficiency test. (Note: you better know how to load a gun and shoot somewhat accurately before you take this test! This is not a handgun training class. This class covers the laws required to legally carry a handgun in Texas and qualifies you to do so.) All that is left after that and filling out the online application, is for you to get your digital fingerprints (we will advise you on where).


You can read more about our CHL class here:





Q: How Much Are Courses (and How Long Are They)?


A: Our classes are typically 2, 4, or 8 hours long. We cover the essentials during 2-hour classes, go much deeper with more drills during the 4-hour classes, and really take you to expert through an 8-hour class. You can see our typical classes and pricing here:





Q:How Do I Pay For My Class?


A:You can either bring a check with you the day of the class (made out to Big Boar Tactical), or you can simply use the appropriate link below:


CHL Class ($100):



Basic 2-Hour Class ($150):



Half-Day 4-Hour Course ($250):



Full-Day 8-Hour Course ($500):




Q:What Should I Bring With Me To The Class (Or To Training)?


A:If you are simply attending a CHL class, you might want to bring some paper and a pen to jot down some notes, and maybe something to drink throughout the day, but that’s about all you will need. For the shooting proficiency test portion of the CHL you will need to bring your handgun and 50 rounds of factory ammunition. We can rent you a gun for $50 to use for the test and that includes the 50 rounds. (Ammo supply is limited and not guaranteed)


For actual handgun and rifle training, you will of course want to bring your firearm (if you do not have one, let us know in advance!), a holster and spare magazine carrier (ditto — if you don’t have these, let us know in advance), at least three magazines, and plenty of ammo. How much ammo is plenty of ammo? Estimate 100 rounds for each hour of training — which is probably high, but better to have too much than too little. Also be sure to bring ear and eye protection (again, if you don’t have this, let us know in advance), be sure to wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals!), and it’s probably a good idea to layer your clothing so you can adjust what you are wearing as the day goes on, in case you start to get hot while going through various drills. A baseball cap and long pants are recommended (but not required) when shooting at the range.



Q:And what about . . . (Other CHL Questions You Might Have)?


A:We’ve created a whole page dedicated to your most common CHL questions, and even included a comprehensive link to a Texas State website covering everything you could possibly ever want or need to know about obtaining (and holding) a CHL in Texas. Go ahead and CLICK HERE to jump over to our CHL question-and-answer page.



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